Welcome to the new Smiling at Confusion

I decided to reformat the site and get a proper domain name.  This new site is meant to be more of a community thing.  Let me know what you think.  Also, notice that you can leave comments on each of the pages for a particular tab.   If you want to request a tab, just post a comment on the Requests page.  I hope you enjoy the new setup but you can still see the old page if you prefer it.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Smiling at Confusion”

  1. Great site, always loved it a lot. Are you gonna post a little thing whenever you put up a new tab like you had on the old site a while ago?

  2. Jake: It is a bit small for my tastes too. I’ll probably mess around with the style sheet and see if I can make it more readable.

    toby: I record with a digital 4 track… the zoom ps-04. I use the built-in mic and do all the mixing right on the 4-track.

  3. Hey I like the site, your tabs are quite good also. The only issue I have is that when reading them on the new website, they are quite small. I tried increasing the size of the fonts but that messed with the format and made it difficult to read. Other than that I have no complaints. Keep it up.

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