New Tab: Suicide Machine

Hey everyone.  I did a quick tab for the newly leaked Suicide Machine.  It’s pretty simple.  It’s difficult to be really accurate without any acoustic versions of this song out there because it’s hard to hear the chord voicings… but I think these are the right chords.  Let me know what you think.

Suicide Machine

P.S.  There were some sensitivities with Elliott’s family and the leak of this song.  Because of this, the original leaker has requested that all public download links be taken down.  Any comments with a download link or requesting a link will not be approved.  Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “New Tab: Suicide Machine”

  1. Hey man, think you could email me a copy of the song? I’m really surprised I haven’t heard it before, at least I think I haven’t. Great tabs, great website!

  2. sounds good I tried just playing acoustic along with the version available on sweet addy and it sounds good

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