I’m still here!

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately! I’ve had lots of time but I’ve been focusing my musical efforts in the last few months on the piano instead of guitar and other artists. But I’m not abandoning this site. I’d like to pick up the guitar some more and tab some songs I’ve learned before I forget them. It’s my way of getting them out so I don’t have to remember them or relearn them. Likely songs are confusion, satyricon instrumental and true love… as these are ones i know pretty well that also get requested a lot. Anyway, I’ve also wanted to thank everyone for being cool since I switched over to the new site. It’s funny how the trolls disappeared.

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9 thoughts on “I’m still here!”

  1. I agree with all of the coments above!

    Joshward, have you tried mailing them to him? Can you place them on a website or link and share?


  2. Hey man I would love to see every smith song on here. Thanks for all the great tabs, I’ve become a much better guitarist since I found this site and I know many of my fav songs now. If your not going to add to this site why dont you get another admin and allow users to put tabs on here

  3. Yes, even some incomplete tabs would be a tremendous gift! You have done so much to share the beauty of elliott’s music. It is truly appreciated!

  4. it appears that you ARE abandoning this site. your last post was august of last year. I sincerely appreciate EVERY single tab you’ve provided. your tabs are just about the only ones i have enough confidence in to actually pick up my guitar and try out the voicings. most people transcribe his music so inaccurately, it’s pointless at a single glance. every time i learn one of your tabs i literally say “damn, he’s good” because i don’t have the ear that you do. and most of us don’t. you’re basically the missing link in my opinion. for those of us without perfect pitch, you’re the closest thing to elliott we’ll ever get. but we still have the desire, and the passion for elliott smith’s music that you (obviously) share. so please don’t leave us hanging anymore.I’m a huge fan of elliott’s music, and i’m an even bigger fan of YOUR ability to share it with the world. and i’m sure i’m not the only one that thinks we deserve at least a couple of the tabs you’ve promised. I’m honestly not trying to insult you or anything of the sort. i just think as a member of this website, that we want you back. (from whatever the hell you’re doing) if your time is too precious, then I for one, would have no problem paying for this service, for a reasonable sum. I’ve paid over $20 US dollars for the “elliott smith songbook” which i had to correct by pen to even pick along to. I’m sure you’re busy, and if i had your talents, i would be too. i wouldn’t miss a single opportunity. but i feel this website should still be regulated, and UPDATED properly. ONLY because i feel that you have a certain talent that’s not easy to come by. trained ears F*** up what you seem to hear easily. If you need legwork for the site, i’ll do it. whatever it takes. i don’t have much money,and my first child is due in 3 months. but even if i have to run this whole website by myself with your tabs,even if i have to personally pay for the domain name. i will. my contact information is asom_jerd@hotmail.com. please contact me, or the website in some form as promptly as possible. thank you.
    signed, your fan.

  5. Hey Elliott fans, just so u know Guitar Hero 5 has L.A. on it!!

    I’m getting it ASAP!

    Cheers and keep up the awesome work

  6. Exciting news.

    Thanks so much for putting the effort into all of this; it’s definitely greatly appreciated.

  7. Hey, im so happy to here your still around

    ive loved your tabs forever and would love to see confuson, one of my personal faves

    and even if we didn’t agree on stickman being right….

    i still want to say how much i really appreciae all the work you have done

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