I Figured You Out

as played live by elliott
steamboat, austin, tx 
may 3, 2003

standard D tuning (DGCFAD)

G     320003
G6    320030
D     xx0232
Am    x02210
D7/F# 2x021x
Em    022000
C     x32010
C/G   332010

  G     G6     D         Am    D7/F#     Em   C  G  D  C

G                          D                          Am    /G
i've seen you watching her every time she crosses the floor
D7/F#                    Em    C G           D      C/G
so won't you just go and talk to the one you really adore
G                                    D                   Am     /G
i'm getting pretty used to being the one that you always ignore
D7/F#         Em       C G    D         C/G
when somebody wants you, i've seen it before


G                                      D                     Am    /G
you're every kind of color there ain't nothing that you wont claim
D7/F#             Em    C G          D          C/G
your ambition and promise and your addiction to fame
G                           D                Am    /G
and everyone's got a dollar sign after their name
D7/F#             Em       C G              D        C/G   G
and when somebody wants you, you treat them just the same

Am           G
so go on and pickup
          B7                   Em              D          C/G
you don't care what poison you choose and what person you lose
                    Bm      C/G           D
it should have been me yeah, shouldn't it be?

G                  D                     Am    /G
the crushing quiet blows in through your window
D7/F#          Em      C G                 D
to someone who wants you that you'll never know
G                            D                Am    /G
but i pick up around you and clear everything out
D7/F#             Em        C
leave you where i found you
G D           C/G
i figured you out
D7/F#             Em        C
leave you where i found you
G D           C/G   G
i figured you out

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