as performed live Feb 1, 2003 @ the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles

tune a half step down (Eb Ab C# F# Bb Eb)

Em      022000  Em*   xx2000
Cmaj7   x32000  Em7/D xx0000
G       320003  D     xx0232
Cmaj7/G 332000  A/C#  x42220
Em/C#   x42000  C     x32010
D/F#    2x0232  Am    x02210
C*      x32013  B7/F# 22120x
A9      575657  A     x02220


Em                  Cmaj7              G   /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
I sit here shooting blanks out at emptiness
Em/C#                     Cmaj7              G  /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
ain't nothin really wanna kill, maybe time I guess
Em        D/F#     C*
I sit and spin the world on it's flip side
Em           D/F#         A9  C*
and I listen backward for meanings

         cos'I'm a

G    /F#  /B  Em*  Em7/D  Em/C#  Cmaj7 /B G  /F#

Em              Cmaj7                    G   /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
I draw from memory, the stillest kind of life
Em/C#             Cmaj7                             G  /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
I cut slide after slide, mental pain's the sharpest knife
Em             D/F#    C*
project what's done so everyone can see 
Em         D/F#    A9  C*
the severe color reversal
     and I'm a    
G    /F# /B Em             D      A/C#
stickman in frames that go one by one
              C                   /B  Am
if I stood it up you'd see I'm on the run 
             /G   B7/F#              A
from some monster off-screen killing suns
                C                   G   /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
lonely makes me blue, envy turns me green
Em/C#               Cmaj7                G  /F# /B  Cmaj7/G
hate might paint me red if I load my magazine
Em           D/F#          C*
but not just now when it's easy to stay clean
Em         D/F#               A9  C*
and no one knows where you're bleeding
   and I'm a 
G    /F#  /B  Em*  Em7/D  Em/C#  Cmaj7 /B
G    /F#  /B  Em*  Em7/D  Em/C#  Cmaj7 /B
a sick man
      G    /F#  /B  Em*  Em7/D  Em/C#  Cmaj7 /B /G /F#  Em
I'm a stickman

5 thoughts on “Stickman”

  1. i wasn’t trying to rain on your parade or anything, i would really appreciate a little fixing up sense i can’t get it right i would really really really appreciate it if you could *puppy eyes*

  2. yeah i know there are some problems with it. you have to understand that it was tabbed back when all we had of this song was one bad quality live recording.

  3. Hey, that opening progression definetly is not right, there is something a little bit funky with this tab, but i dont know how to fix it

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