A  577655
A* 57x855
E  022100
G  355433
D  x57775
F  133211
F* 88ttxx (t=10)
C  x32010

Griff (play 5's with your pinky while your other fingers hold G)

A          A*      E
looking at all the rows
G                           D
all these records look like big zeros
F                       A         G F
got your picture on the back of a .45
A      Griff                  F*
a placeholder til you take up mine
A      Griff                  F*
a placeholder til you take up mine
A                  A*    E
I'm the person you never meet
G                    D
the biggest loser on 16th street
F             A            G           F
the invisible man with the see-through mind
A      Griff                  F*
a placeholder til you take up mine
A      Griff                  F*
a placeholder til you take up mine
A     E      F
break off up in someone's loft in 
midtown round there next to the square
A  E         F
he likes the way that you look now
C         G  F
like an open book

A  Griff  F* [x2]

A            A*       E
just like my favorite song
G                             D
some pretty words that didn't last that long
F                      A     G   F
like a package sent priority overnight
A    Griff                   F*
placeholder come and take up mine  [x4]

A  Griff  F*

11 thoughts on “Placeholder”

  1. Helpful to note that this song is in one-step down tuning (DGCFAD),

    the opening chord, as far as I can tell, is 5xx640, with a travis picking pattern, if that helps…

    I think there are two guitars used, playing chords in different octaves, which makes it a real fucker to figure out for one guitar…

    Best version I’ve got so far is similar as above, but using the thumb to play the bass in the verse chords with the “D” chord being played at the 10th fret…

    I wish there were some way to print code here, but I’ll try my best for the “G” picking part in the chorus:


    My other only suggestion is that you can play the final “F” in the chorus as 8-8-10-9-x-x, which I think he does, at least on one of the guitar tracks. What a bastard.

  2. honestly it’s not something i really consciously think about. i just hear it and my right hand does it. wish i could explain better.

  3. Do you have a quick example of the finger picking shapes?

    This is what I got from another tab..


  4. yah… with this one it’s harder to be totally confident of the exact chord voicings just because there’s no video out there… but they are definitely up there… you can hear him sliding up to certain chords though and that helps give you an idea of where they might be.

  5. i like it. for the G-F switch in the chorus i do the C-shaped G at the 10th then a C/G shape at the 8th for the F. pretty much the same thing though. i was waiting for this tab to come out so i could compare. nice work as always.

  6. You’re awesome. I’m not much of a guitar player, and I’m excited about practicing this more and playing it well. Keep up the good work; it’s greatly appreciated!

  7. Wahey, you get a dead monkey in a sack for doing this.

    One quesion though, what is the fingering for A* ?

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