New Tab: Drive All Over Town

This has got to be one of Elliott’s most overlooked and underrated songs. Simple but powerful.
Playing this one is all about the notes you don’t play. The chord shapes are basic, but pay attention to the chord guide and mute the strings properly to get the right sound. You never play the high E string (or in this tuning the D string) so keep your strumming focused on the bass strings.

look at him smiling full of teeth… clenched tight

Drive All Over Town

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5 thoughts on “New Tab: Drive All Over Town”

  1. Well… I can play both of those songs, but tabbing them is another issue. Aren’t there pretty decent Fat Brian Wilson tabs out there for both of those? My tabbing style tends to be chords and then maybe a few details here and there and I let you figure out the rest. Those two songs are all detail. But I won’t rule them out.

  2. Awesome tab, Its great to know you are back. I was wondering if you have worked on Southern Belle and Tomorrow Tomorrow at all? Those are the only two songs I can’t figure out. Thanks again for all your great tabs

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