Plainclothes Man

tuned down one step

Am    x02210   Fm/C  x33111
Am/B  x2x210   E     022100
C     x32010   D7    xx0212
D     xx0212   G     320001
D/E   xx2x32   F     133211
Fmaj7 xx3210   C/G   332010
Am/F# 200210   Bdim  x2323x
F/C   x33211   E7    020130
Adim  x0101x

you're everybody's second home
always trying to get me alone
C              D  D/E  Fmaj7    
an easy way to lose it all

always there when all else fails
Am                        Am/F#  F/C
over by the westside rails
i don't really need that now
i never really did anyhow
C                    D D/E Fmaj7 
i only really needed al -  cohol

something that'll treat me okay
Am                                  Am/F#  F/C 
and wouldn't say the things you say
Fm/C                E
please turn out the light
        D7                                                 Am
i get a sick confusion headache tryin' to figure out who's right

dreaming on the silver strand
waking up your plainclothes man
C                              D D/E  Fmaj7    
you little bastard, you little boy  in blue

someone's gonna get to you
Am                           Am/F#  F/C
and fuck up everything you do
some european son
mysterious with everyone
C                                D D/E Fmaj7 
he thinks he'll win you with his angry kiss

acting like he has no needs
Am                             Am/F#  F/C  C  G
wanting you to watch him bleed
C            G 
made for eachother
         F          C/G  
that you pay me any mind
             G          D        F/C
just goes to show my continual decline
     C/G             G             F                C/G 
they say that i'll recover my love of her once in a while 
            Bdim               E7
but i don't know, i dont think so
there's something that i'll tell you now
now that no one else is around
C                         D     D/E    Fmaj7          
the sort of lesson that i learned from you

not quite the way you planned
Am                          Am/F#  F/C
but i know you'll understand
someone takes a photograph
a picture while their sweetheart laughs
C                     D   D/E  Fmaj7     
a perfect moment in a flash of light

counting back from three to one
Am                            Am/F#  F/C
thats exactly what you've done
        Fm/C     E
and i'm so unsurprised
    D7                                          C/G  G  F  C/G   
i remember, i remember why i dream in black and white
                G          D        F/C
it just goes to show my continual decline
     C/G             G             F                C/G
they say that i'll recover my love of her once in a while
           Bdim               E7             Adim     D  F  Am
but i dont know, i dont think so, dont think so

2 thoughts on “Plainclothes Man”

  1. Don’t know when you’ll read this- you seem to be the invisible man.

    This tab is pretty much perfect- Just with the D7- it sometimes sounds like they’re playing some other kind of D.

    Man, this song is awesome. I would like to have heard solo, acoustic Elliott Smith version, like he did with “Half Right” and “See You Later”…

    Thanks again.

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