Unlucky Charm

as played may 15, 1997 ej's portland, or

tuned 3 half-steps down from standard tuning

G     355433
C#dim x45450
C     x35553
D     x5403x
Eb    x6504x
Em    079987
Ab    466544
Asus2 x02200

G  C#dim  C  D  Em  C  C#dim  C  Ab  G

G               C#dim
my flower would not unfold
C              D            Eb  Em
always waiting for some sunnier day
          C            C#dim             C   Ab G
quiet and patient but afraid and hidden away
when your awful truth's been told
C         D                        Eb Em
matter of fact and I can't take it back
and I wouldn't want to
      C#dim               C    Ab G 
or at least that's what I say
                      Ab G
will you come out now

                  Em       D        C#dim     C
now that it's too late for me to be in on the scene
  Em       D           Asus        /B C     Ab G
I hurt you bad but you know you're a  dream
do you want success oh yeah
C                D             Eb Em
through somebody else oh no no no no
so go start over
         C#dim                  C      Ab G
spending time since you have to do it
do you got your own thing yeah
C              D     /Eb Em
what you wanna do for now
stop taking everything back
      C#dim                 C     Ab G
it confronts you just lying down
                       Ab G
will you come out now
who would you do it for
  D     C#dim C
unlucky charm
      Em     D       Asus2
beautiful collapsing star
          /B C
who would it be
    D         G
why wasn't it me

C#dim  C  D  Eb  Em  C  C#dim  C  Ab  G

2 thoughts on “Unlucky Charm”

  1. Awesome dude, this is really amazing.

    I wish you could tab every song he has in this way, you make them understandable, simple, and very accurate!

    May I give a suggestion for this one? the C chord (at least it seems like it in the outro on my version) seems to also be played up high:
    C – 8 10 10 9 8 8

    Let me know what you think.


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